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Why Consign your RV with us?

There are several reason why consigning your RV with us makes great sense. We’d like to point out the obvious and not so obvious for your consideration. This list is comprised from years of experience in the RV business and aimed at helping you become educated about the process.

Why should you:

1) Exposure. We have tremendous marketing strategies that brings buyers to our dealership.

2) Security. Perhaps having people you don’t know driving up your driveway is not something you look forward to. We don’t blame you! We take out the fear and the hassle of selling your RV.

3) Website. We have a great website that is also mobile friendly that will give you tons more exposure than it sitting in your driveway and or ads.

4) Buyers. They tend to gravitate to where RVs are sold. We sell RVs, they come here, makes sense.

5) Top Dollar. We tend to get more for the RVs we sell because we convey confidence that we know what we’re talking about, not that you don’t, but we do this every day and it shows.

6) Financing. We have many, many banks that we work with to get customers approved for financing. This is much better than having people you do not know asking if you would sell it to them on monthly payments.

7) Cleaning. We have the personnel to make sure your RV is and stays clean throughout the process. That takes time you may not have or want to devote to the task at hand.

8) Costs. Placing ads, running home to meet someone to look at it (that might show, or maybe won’t), license plates, title work, etc. 

9) Get on with life. There is something to be said for getting it off your plate and on to ours. We’ll take it from here and we’ll bring you ALL offers regardless of how low. It’s your decision and we’ll keep it that way unless you tell us otherwise.

So let’s talk! Thank you!


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